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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

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Hm, other good stuff at that site too... might have to sign up there, I'm always looking for new sources of nice wallpaper.
Not just art. That was a depiction of the Tektite undersea habitat and laboratory, from about 40 years ago.

I think that illustration may have appeared in National Geographic magazine at around that time.

Ha, found it: http://www.nationalgeographicstock.c...s=SE&id=619783
I'll be damned! So that's where it's from! Way to research.
Wow! Seconded; nice job, M'Sharak!

New desktop! Been in a sci-fi writing mode lately, so I switched to something more appropriate for that kind of setting:

Yes, I do move my desktop icons around every time I change the picture so that they get in the way of the image as little as possible. I am that OCD about it.

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