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October 2011 Writing Challenge: "Dilemma"

I still can’t believe that this has happened, but obviously the honour of naming the theme for this month’s challenge fell on me. So here it is:


It may be a big thing—like which planet to save, or a small thing—like the choice between tea or coffee for breakfast. And anything in-between. It’s all up to you and your characters.

Some rules:

- the word limit: 7000 words max.
- only stories written for this challenge, no reusing older stories
- Star Trek universe, any era, any ship, any crew; no crossovers, though--let’s keep it fully understandable for Trekkies without knowledge of other franchises
- only stories finished before the deadline will be entered in the voting poll; not a rule but a suggestion: please try to post completed entries instead of posting separate chapters as they are being written
- the deadline is 30th of October 2011, 23:59 GMT. Voting will take place 31st Oct-2nd Nov.
- don’t forget to post the link to your story in this thread

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Post them here or PM me.

Good luck and enjoy writing
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