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Ghostbusters Comic Book

It seems a new Ghostbusters comic book started up this month with a #1 issue having come out just a few days ago.

It's not too bad. The book starts off with an Exposition Dream with Ray dreaming a talkshow that introduces us to all of the Ghostbusters and what their characters are (Peter as the Doctor who's more talk and show, Egon as the over-thinking stiff, Ray as the eager scientist and Winston as non-doctorate everyman.)

The book seems to be set in the post-GB2 timeline, the events of that movie being blamed on Peter McNichol's character and the Ghostbusters, near as I can tell, are somewhat of a city-provided service sort of like how they're portrayed in the video game that came out last year.

Janine's character design is closer to her cartoon counterpart than it is the movie one, the rest of the Ghostbusters look like their movie versions, though the comic is a "stylized" type of art common in present-day cartoons rather than realistic human drawings.

The first story in the comic ends on a cliffhanger and then starts a short second story sort-of setting up an "arc" in the comic's series (again, making it appear the Ghostbusters are being made into a city-provided service overseen by a certain city official.)

It's not too bad of a read, actually. The "banter" and characterizations are more in line with the first movie than it is either the second movie or the cartoon, near as I can tell the book takes place in "present day", although everyone is still "young." It may be a possible continuity shift placing the events of the movies a few years ago rather than a couple of decades ago.

The firehouse, equipment and Ecto-1A are all nicely drawn and showcased (the Ecto-1A looks mostly like she did in the second movie though it is missing the fins over the rear fenders and it's the standard "no-ghost" symbol rather than the "2" "no-ghost" symbol.)

It's worth a look and read for Ghostbusters fans.
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