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Re: Does it make me a bad person, if I agree with Brannon Braga?

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You missed the point entirely. You toss out a list of shows that lost their KEY stars and compare it to what I'm saying? In my post I said 'perhaps if he was some kind of pivotal character' which he was not in any shape form or size, yet most every show you use has key characters leaving:
Yes, you're post was nothing but pure speculation without a ounce of fact. I was comparing actual fact vs. what you said regardless of if they were pivotal or not. Besides, Braga already clearly covers that in the interview when he states that loosing any character is a risk to loosing parts of your audience. There was equal risk loosing Kes as there was loosing Harry, regardless of personal favoritism.

Edited to add that you also have not figured into the equation that most of the shows you listed were fairly big hits. Voyager was never a huge hit. It wasn't even on a major network.
According to Viacom and the National TV board, UPN was a major network.
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