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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

I liked Martin Starr. But I always like Martin Starr.

Everything else about this week's episode was horrible. Annie was insufferable and completely unfunny, Jeff's characterization was incomprehensible and also unfunny, I don't even know what to say about that vile B story with Chang and Britta which sucked what little life there was right out of the episode, and the rest of the characters basically had cameos. I guess maybe it's growing pains with the new writers, but I just don't get what's supposed to be funny or compelling about a grown person pitching a fit on a table, a grown man coddling her, or another grown woman dancing around with barbie dolls sewn to her shirt. Reading the comments, maybe if I gave a shit about Allison Brie's tits or Gillian Jacob's ass, I wouldn't have noticed how godawful the actual episode was.

I like the meta episodes because they're entertaining in and of themselves, and the writers seem to do a better job of keeping the characters in character when they have something else they can send over the top. These kinds of episodes tend to lose me, but christ, this was the worst so far. Britta in particular seems miswritten and misused the last two episodes. I hope they figure that shit out soon.

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