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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

148. L.A. Confidential (A-)
149. When Harry Met Sally (A-)
150. Tombstone (C+)

L.A. Confidential: I'm still not crazy about Russell Crowe surviving at the end of the movie -- the way its staged doesn't suggest much hope for his survival -- but I really like the movie otherwise. It has a great cast, makes excellent use of real LA locations, and presents an interesting look at the underbelly of Hollywood in the early television era.

When Harry Met Sally: Still an excellent, funny movie, although I wouldn't rate it as high as This is Spinal Tap if I was comparing Rob Reiner-directed comedies.

Tombstone: An excellent cast elevates a decent Western that is unfortunately quite clumsily structured. Major characters completely disappear with little explanation (Wyatt Earp's wife vanishes and it's not until the end that a voice over establishes that she died of a drug overdose much earlier in the narrative) and most of the third act is compressed into a quick montage for no discernible reason. Kurt Russell is better in the role of Wyatt Earp than Burt Reynolds, though, and Val Kilmer was never better as Doc Holliday. I wouldn't be surprised if much of this could be explained by a turbulent production (the original director, who wrote the film, was fired, and his screenplay was subsequently chopped up). It's a shame that it isn't a better movie, because from a visual standpoint it's fantastic, boasting great production design, art direction, and costume design.

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