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Re: What next for Mass Effect?

Yeah, it really amazes me how deep they went when they developed the ME Universe.
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Sorry to dig up an old thread I started awhile ago but I just got another idea for what Bioware could do after they tie up Shepard's story with Mass Effect 3. I just started yet another playthrough of ME2 and decided to actually listen to what Jacob had to say for once and got a real light bulb over my head when me mentionedbeing a former Alliance Corsair. That would be an interesting idea for another game, following the lives of a team of Corsairs working out of a private owned freighter. If they wanted to more towards combat they could even do a FPS in the same style as Borderlands, which i have also been getting back into after having played it LONG ago. But yeah, I think it would be an interesting plot to follow a team on the fringe on Alliance infrastructure as they go on missions throughout the galaxy.
I think this sounds like a great direction to take the franchise in after ME3. With how deep FPS games are getting now, I think that an ME FPS could be awesome.
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