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Re: I've lost intrest in sex.

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One of my dogs occasionally sniffs the ass of one of the participants as we are getting it on. I think we're just used to it.
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HAHAHA! Been there!! One of our dogs just moves into the place vacated by one of us, lounges, and watches.. Such a weird dog.
Do you people not have doors?
Our cat bitches outside the door and keeps pawing at it. He acts like he's dying because we won't let him into the room. It's ... distracting.
One of our dogs does something like this.. They sleep in the room with us (luckily large room)... If we close the door for some reason and Pepper is left outside, he paces back and forth and just kind of bumps into the door every time he walks by..

And on the topic of doors... If we shut them out of the room at night, they tend to do naughty things like get on the counters sniffing for food, or the elderly scotty will make a mess.. Sigh.. The lives we lead..
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