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Re: I've lost intrest in sex.

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Also slowing down your sex're THIRTY FUCKING FIVE YEARS OLD.

This happens to every guy. Why do you think Viagra is a multi-billion dollar selling pharmaceutical? Then he just realized he could be arguing with a lamp post and the outcome would be the same. The lamp will never post in this thread again.
Uh... granted my memories of those long-ago days are dim, but I don't recall any noticeably (as in, disappointing) diminished interest in sex in my thirties, and I don't think guys under forty represent the primary market for stuff like Viagra.

Generally I'd say that my sexuality and sexual experiences were far more satisfactory in my thirties and forties than at earlier periods of my life, but granted that has to do with a lot of factors other than basic physical drives (like, say, who you're with, frequency of opportunity etc).

Being less interested in sex at any point in life can be laid (heh) to many different causes I suppose - but if Jayson's experiencing actual physical, functional decrease in capability at that young an age it might not hurt to see a doctor (and not just for a prescription).

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As for sex, my Mom put it rather succinctly...what are the two of you going to do the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day?
Your poor mother.
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