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Re: I've lost intrest in sex.

marillion wrote: View Post
Other factors like age (41) and weight (heavy but not outrageously so) really make a difference, I've found. I've tried medication and it works a little, but not near as well as I'd like.. It does nothing for the lack of actual desire...
Do you still love each other though? I know some people feel if there's no sex the marriage is dead, but I don't necessarily subscribe to that theory. It is a lot less fun though and a lack of it was definitely a symptom of underlying issues and a major contributor to the end of my marriage.

Paradon wrote: View Post
Why the heck does anybody want to talk about their sex life on a ST forum?
It's a good question. I certainly wouldn't go into a lot of detail about mine because it doesn't seem appropriate, but I guess it can be therapeutic like a group session.
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