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Re: I've lost intrest in sex.

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I still see girls I find to be sexy but I don't seem to have the sexual desire I use to. Maybe it's because I am 35 years old or maybe because I am fat. I don't even masturbate daily like I use to. Anybody else feel like this?

Being fat has been shown to slow down one's sex drive.

Also slowing down your sex're THIRTY FUCKING FIVE YEARS OLD.

This happens to every guy. Why do you think Viagra is a multi-billion dollar selling pharmaceutical? Then he just realized he could be arguing with a lamp post and the outcome would be the same. The lamp will never post in this thread again.
You made good points. I just thought the sex drive started to slow down in your 40's not your 30's. Thing is I don't miss it that much. I enjoy life right now more than I was a few years ago.

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