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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

Well I thought last night was interesting. The show has quite a few balls up in the air.
1. Jeremy and the ghosts + Matt and I assume Bonnie since she will be back
2. Catherine is officially stalking Stefan/Klaus
3. Stefan had a fling with Nick/Klaus' baby sister and now she has been resurrected.
4. Caroline/Daddy/Mama Forbes/Tyler/Mama Lockwood
5. Ellena and Damon are coming off as the most boring duo right now.
6. Whatever Rick is going to be up to

I have to say that I loved that Mama Forbes with Tyler as shotgun showed up and rescued her baby girl. She was gun toting and not going to take any crap. It was awesome, best part of the episode.

I wonder if the wooden bullet man will turn out to be another member of the Klaus/Elijah/Rebecca clan? I thought it was a riot that Catherine was right in there with the men with a gun.

Now the road leads back to Elena though because Stefan gave her the necklace that the witch needs to help Klaus figure out why he can't go hybrid happy.
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