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Re: DS9: A continuation

Next up is part 2 of chapter 4:

Part 2

Megan was leaning against the cell door, listening to the activity of the guard's who were running back and forth down the corridor. “Something is going on inside this prison,” she told Haydra. “Look at all the guard activity, it could be a Federation rescue operation!”

Haydra looked mildly hopeful. “I hope so,” she said, “however maybe the guards are doing some kind of drill. They've done so before.”

“Maybe...” said Megan but her optimism did not ebb. “But I didn't get that sense of urgency when they were doing drills.”

She walked away from the door, and walked past Jack who was sitting at his usual spot against the wall. Jack did not seem aware of what was going, but at this moment Megan didn’t really care. Her mind was racing as she thought about what was happening inside the prison.

A sound came from the cell door, and Megan turned around; someone was opening the door.

The door opened, and Bordak came into the cell. He was unaccompanied and carried a disruptor in one hand, while a knife was stashed in his belt. “You’re coming with me,” he said, pointing at Megan.

Jack stood up. “Leave her alone!” he warned Bordak, he then suddenly rushed at Bordak.

Megan knew what was going to happen. “No!” she warned Jack.

Her warning came to late as Bordak pulled out a Cardassian combat knife and slashed it against Jack's abdomen. “Foolish human,” Bordak snarled.

Jack collapsed to the floor clutching his stomach, gasping for air. While Haydra hurried over to Jack and supported him, Jack looked upwards at Bordak. “Your going to pay for your crimes Bordak,” he wheezed; anger spilling from every syllable. “The Federation are coming, and they bring torturers and murderers to justice!”

Bordak's face remained expressionless, and he placed the knife back into his belt. “How astute,” he told Jack, suddenly Bordak pointed his phaser at Megan and fired.

She collapsed, and Haydra backed away from Bordak looking fearful.

Bordak stepped over Jack and picked Megan up, carrying Megan over his shoulders. He walked out of the cell before stopping. “That's if you live to see the moment,” he said to Jack.

Bordak left the cell, as Jack lay there dying.


It took Bordak ten minutes to leave the prison while carrying Megan to the rendezvous point. Inside a shallow cave lit up by the sunlight, Bordak threw Megan to the ground and he waited to be beamed off the planet. He was finally going to leave this desolate place and start a new life. Two years of running the Tau Primia prison had taken their toll on Bordak; he was even getting tired of torturing the prisoners. He heard Megan stir; mind you there were some prisoners which he always enjoyed torturing...

Bordak walked over to Megan; and he unsheathed his knife. He crouched down, pointing the knife at her face.

Megan's eyes flickered open; and they widened at what they saw.

“Give me a reason why I should let you live Megan,” said Bordak, “because you’re at my mercy.”

Megan gradually stood up, carefully avoiding the knife; she looked very weary. “No, there's more to this,” she said, “you don't torture for fun do you? I've seen it in your eyes; you torture me out of hatred. It's as if you want revenge and yet you can't properly satisfy your pain and rage.”

Rage surged through Bordak, after two years he still had not broken that women. “Words… just words,” he shouted, the hand holding the knife was shaking. “Your presumption won't save you now! I've waited too long...”

Megan was now standing up, with her back to the cave's wall, she was staring straight into Bordak's eyes. “Fine kill me then,” she said defiantly. “Or perhaps you’re afraid to do so because I'm not strapped down and helpless?”

“Look at you,” sneered Bordak, “you are malnourished, weak and broken. You think you can beat me?”

Megan's face was absolutely still. “Yeah I think I can,” she said at last.

Rage flared across her entire face; and she suddenly attacked Bordak with a well-aimed kick to his stomach.

Bordak staggered backwards, wheezing and wielding the knife. “I should have killed you two years ago you bitch!” he screamed.

Losing control Bordak charged at Megan with his knife held out; he was going to utterly cut her to pieces.
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