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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

The edition of the trilogy I read has an interesting afterword by Kim Stanley Robinson, which said among other things that the friends of PKD/Horselover Fat's in VALIS named Kevin and David are supposed to represent KW Jeter and Tim Powers, which I find amusing and interesting as a big Powers fan. He also argued that Angel Archer was the voice of a reintegrated real PKD, no longer the sundered parts of "Phil Dick" and"Horselover Fat" from VALIS. Maybe that's why I liked Transmigration the best, it was the most interesting authorial voice of the three for me. The Dick/Fat split made for a lot of cognitive dissonance for the reader, which was of course part of the point I think, but it wasn't always that pleasant. Angel stoned and reading Howard the Duck while her husband ranted about Wallenstein and Hitler was classic.

Past Master looks promising, it's about a troubled future society bringing Sir Thomas More ahead in time to help run their world.

I've never read Frankenstein either, it's on the short list going forward.
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