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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

86. The Queen: A
87. Public Enemies: B+
88. Drive Angry: D
89. Red Riding Hood: C+
90. Fright Night ('85): B

Last time I saw this was circa '92/'93 during a USA Up All Night type showing. Having seen the remake I felt inclined to rewatch the original. The film literally made no impact on me as a vampire film. Until the remake came out I had long since forgotten about it as a vampmire movie. Didn't resonate like say Lost Boys. In it's defense it's not that bad but I'm sure when I was "watching" it my full attention wasn't on the film then.

I liked the nuance changes they made in the film to update some characters attitudes. They removed Jerry's 'familair' who was his eyes/ears during the day for the remake.
The character of Peter Vincent (Rodney McDowall) had a great line. His show was being cancelled and his rant to Charlie was that "today's kids aren't interested in vampires but lunatics in masks chopping up virgins." A great line mid-decade referencing the Myers, Vorhees and Freddy phenom in slasher cinema!!

Some of the affects, especially one transformation sequence looked straight out of the Thriller video. Keeping that in mind as you watch it it's a fun B-film. The other fun part of the movie is seeing that Amanda Bearse is the 'hottie' girlfriend of Charlie. Best known as Marcy from Married with Children she still doesn't look hot even when they are trying hard with her wardrobe.
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