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VOY getting a remaster to HD possibility within 5 years?

With the official announcement on September 28, 2011 of the TNG series being remastered to HD from 25,000 reels of film what are the chances of VOY being remastered to HD in a similar way (from the original camera negative) say in the next 5 years?
There are much more CGI Visual FX in VOY and would be more costly.

Personally I feel fine with the standard definition DVDs since it was always mastered to digital videotape the quality has been pretty good for the 7 seasons. I don't know how much this series would really benefit from HD mastering.
I don't think it would be a great investment for CBS Television for their R.O.I. from a business standpoint. I think it holds up rather well even when upconverted to HD.

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