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Re: Hawaii 5-0: The Second Season Begins!

I caught the second episode Monday night and really liked it. I think what I liked best about this show is just how much fun it is to watch--the action is outlandish but exciting and the dialogue is funny. Steve and Danny's bickering is always my favorite, and I love how the new girl just point blank asked them, "How long have you guys been married?" They really do bicker like a married couple, with Steve as the clueless and sometimes over-attentive husband and Danny as the nagging wife.

Speaking of the new girl, I really liked her. I thought it was cute how she and Steve went from making eyes at each other to both protesting having to work together. I like that she's tough and competent but her introduction wasn't like, "oh, look, she's the bestest ever!" Procedurals do that with new characters a lot and it's annoying, so I'm glad they didn't go that route here.

I'm trying to figure out whether Jenna Kaye is the world's best actress or if Wo Fat is holding her fiance hostage and blackmailing her. I'm kind of hoping for just plain evil (with a good motivation of course). I wonder when she'll be back, and when the team will find out that she's been helping out the enemy.
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