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Re: Luna Class Number of Decks

Christopher wrote: View Post
^^Well, since Riker loves poker, I'm sure there are plenty of decks on board.

I checked the series bible and couldn't find any reference to the number of decks. But apparently it's 80.7 meters tall, including the sensor pod. The refit Enterprise was 71.3 meters tall, and it had 21 decks, plus a little extra for the tops of the nacelles. So maybe something in the vicinity of 24-25 decks, give or take, if you count the sensor pod and its connectors?
This doesn't really hold up though, because it seems that every starship has a different deck height compared to the other.

Enterprise-D = 145 m / 42 decks = 3.45 meters per deck.
Enterprise-E = 87 m / 24 decks = 3.62 meters per deck
Voyager = 66 m / 15 decks = 4.4 meters per deck
Defiant = 30.1 m / 4 decks = 7.5 meters per deck

One also has to account for the sensor pod and it's support struts, or rather discount such perhaps, in calculations? Or was such done and the 80.7 is w/out such?

By a really quick and sloppy calculation, counting only from the base of the secondary hull to the top of the bridge dome, you get 66 meters for the Luna. Same as the Intrepid-Class.

Oy. I wish they'd just state such in a novel at some point.

Found these... which one strikes folks at the most likely/accurate?
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