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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

The experiment is interesting; that's for sure. However, whether it improves or weakens cannot really be judged properly considering the story written for JL #1 was done so in a specific way. What if, for example, Watchmen was reworked to where it had a ton of splash pages. Would that have made the story better, worse, or the same? Truth is one can never know, because that wasn't the style Moore and Gibbons did.

Also, if story is the thing that you appreciate more in a comic than the art (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that), reworking the story as done in the link won't fix any problems there might be with the narrative. Pretty much what I think Admiral Young was suggesting.

That being said, I understand where the guy is coming from. There has been a seemingly increased focus on splash pages and wider images in comics over the past ten years or so causing the story to be stretched out longer than it feels it needs to be.

ETA: I wonder how long that is going to remain on line before Warner Bros. makes them take it down.
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