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I'm getting terrible performance with 1.8 on my machine, as if there are too many things to render. Even on a brand new world, my computer struggles with the framerate with nothing but land and trees, so I'm not quite sure what's up.

I have a few things to try such as downgrading to a smaller texture size, which thankfully the texturepack I like has a lot of, so I can have the same one at 64x If I wanted to, but it does seem like the game is getting increasingly demanding.
Well theres your problem. I'm using 32x so never had a performance problem. I think I tried 128x once and lagged pretty badly.
I don't really think it is, considering I've been running with a 128x texturepack without any lag until this update. It might be contributing to it a bit, but the fact that there's been a drastic change shows that there's much more going on than there was before. This was more of a framerate issue than a lag issue as it was constant.
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