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Re: Should a new Star Trek TV show adapt plot points from Star Trek On

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If there was a new Star Trek TV show in the future, should it adapt plot points from Star Trek Online?
1) If those plot points are good ones the writers might have adopted anyway, yet. Same goes for adopting plot points from Trek novels or the back of a cereal box for all I care. If it's a good plot point, go for it, who cares where it comes from.

2) If the motive isn't that the plot points are inherently good, then are they doing it for the publicity value? That seems dumb, since anyone bothering to play Star Trek online is going to also hear about and sample the TV series. If it's not to their tastes, then they may bail on it, but adopting plot points isn't going to change their mind if, say, they don't like the actor cast to play the captain or the fact that it's in the JJverse or what the starship looks like.

From a publicity standpoint, the bigger challenge is to convince the people who have never even heard of Star Trek online to sample a new Trek series.
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