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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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My only nit is that you can't slice somone in half like that with one swing of a sword.
Yeah, that really bugged me. The human body isn't made of gelatin. There are bones and tendons and other hard or fibrous stuff that's hard to cut through. Maybe a sharp enough sword swung by a strong and skilled enough wielder could cut someone in half through the waist, or decapitate with one stroke, because there's only one bone to get through. But vertically? Through all those bones? In one easy stroke? That's just stupid.

Otherwise, an okay episode, although I didn't remember those characters who showed up for 20 seconds at the crime scene and then turned out to be suspects much later in the episode, so there was a structural problem there. (Though the fact that I watched in on DVR and took a break halfway through to make dinner might've been a factor.) Plus they were a little too self-conscious about "Oh, look how the guest characters reflect the relationship of the main characters!" And the whole thing was a bit too much of a cross-promotion for Marvel Comics, including the new "Derrick Storm" comic. At least the fact that ABC and Marvel are under the same ownership meant they could actually refer to real Marvel characters and give it some verisimilitude. (As for the Distinguished Competition, it's interesting that they could get away with mentioning the name Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent, but not Batman or Superman.)

Speaking of comic-book analogies for characters in the episode, when it turned out the bearded reporter guy wasn't the "superhero" but the civilian sidekick, I tried to think of a good comic-book analogy for that. Maybe Rick Jones, but he's not a reporter as far as I know.
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