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Re: Minecraft

Cutter John wrote: View Post
Finally got in to play around on the server this morning. Yay!

Also, latest news from Notch's Twitter:

* Looks like Mojang and Bethesda are actually on their way to court. Sonovabitch. I hope they get a reasonable judge who kicks the whole case out.
Honestly, I don't see how Scrolls is trademarkable to begin with. It's a generic term. I think Bethesda will lose in that they won't get any damages, but Mojang won't be able to secure a trademark on Scrolls itself. I don't see how it can reasonably create brand confusion for Bethesda, either. Just a stupid, stupid fight all around.

* We're getting another 1.9 pre-release later this week.
That'll be nice, although I won't play it.

* Notch is implimenting a tool repair system. Basically you'll combine all the uses left on two 2 tools into one.
Awesome! I have always wanted that, but figured it was too trivial a feature for them to ever bother with.

* He also says that while there will be animal breeding, he doesn't have baby animals 'yet'.
Aww. Want babies!
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