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Re: DS9: A continuation

Here is part three of chapter 2:

Part three:

Day 4, 1200 hours

Max headed to Quark's bar to have his lunch break. For over a year he had worked and lived in DS9, and he knew the senior staff reasonably well. As he entered Quark's he spotted Bashir, Nog and Kira sitting at their usual table.

Bashir gestured Max over.

Max sat down while Nog continued his conversation about Ezri. “I'm telling you Julian, I like her style of captaincy.”

Max noticed that Bashir's face had tensed up.

“On a professional note her style is... acceptable,” said Bashir stiffly. “But on a personal note-”

“Get over it Julian, she's just a women!” Nog exclaimed. “You're what 50?”

“52.” sighed Julian.

“It's time you settled down,” Nog lectured. “I can think of a few dozen women who'd like to marry you.”

Max and Kira laughed; Nog had a way with the ladies.

“What about you Max?” Nog asked.

This caught Max by surprise, and his brain seemed surprisingly sluggish as he came up with an answer. “Oh me?” he replied stalling for time. “Yeah I'd like to marry... I don't want to push it any further with my career as I'm happy with it so far... So I guess so if I find the right women to settle down with.”

Quark came over to their table. “Your talking about marriage?” he asked. “Very unprofitable, unless she's rich, and then you get a Federation divorce. Fifty-fifty split of her accumulated profit and assets. Then it's profitable!”

“Who'd want to marry you Quark?” Kira retorted. “I think it's your big, fat, ugly head that dents your appeal personally.”

Bashir, Nog and Max laughed; but Max knew that Kira respected Quark; he was not sure why though...

“On the contrary colonel!” Quark replied. “Most of the women in this galaxy wouldn't say no to a Ferengi male!”

“Only because you coerce them,” mentioned Kira nastily. “Nothing personal Nog.”

Nog grinned, showing his twisted and sharp teeth.

Max returned the topic back to Ezri. “Captain Dax has a rather style of command don't you think? I mean I don't mind what she does but it grates on my nerves if-”

Nog interrupted Max. “Max,” he whispered looking at something behind Max.

Max merely looked bemused. “What? As I said it grates on my nerves when she is relaxed one moment, and then the next she is breathing down your neck squeezing you dry-”

Kira interrupted this time. “Max!” she whispered urgently.

Max could not understand why his friends were interrupting him; he wanted to speak his mind, and he had a tendency to exaggerate and cross the line between humour and bad taste. “Would you stop interrupting!” he said impatiently. “Anyway squeezing you dry as you are trying to meet her contrary, whimsical and ecclesiastical standards!”

Everyone around the table looked at Max in stunned disbelieve; wondering if he was joking or if he was being serious.

“Is that so Mr Weatherby?” came Ezri's voice behind Max.

Max jerked around and felt absolutely mortified, his attempt at humour had backfired miserably. “What?” he spluttered. “Oh no... no... not precisely.”

However, Ezri grinned. “I should reprimand you for your cheek Mr Weatherby,” she said. “But I like your sense of humour.”

Her expression became more serious. “You were joking, weren't you?”

Max was nodding furiously. “Absolutely captain!” he insisted.

Kira had her hand to her mouth, trying to stifle a chuckle.

“Carry on then,” Ezri replied. “But remember Mr Weatherby that an excess of speech is a deadly poison. Try to restrain yourself next time okay?” she warned.

“Yes captain.”

When Ezri was safely out of earshot did Max think it was safe to talk again. “Man, did I get lucky... She could have so easily punished me!”

Bashir though was smiling, possibly from sort of private joke of his. “Jadzia liked to toy with young men who were to full of themselves. She had to cut all flamboyant men down to size.”

“Right,” said Max simply, though that's all he could say for such a statement. Max let his three colleagues talk as he bolted down his lunch. While he had given marriage some considerably thought, he didn't feel ready to have a relationship, let alone start a family.

Though he knew that families could go pare-shaped, especially when it involves children. Almost subconsciously Max thought of Coplin, his twin brother. All in all Coplin was a bad apple and at the age of 16 Coplin ran away from home. He was probably getting himself involved with organized crime.

Max could vividly remember his parent's anguish as they berated themselves over what they did wrong. It affected Max very deeply and because of that he became far more reserved and did not like socializing.

He looked briefly at Bashir, Kira and Nog, socializing did have its advantages sometimes. You just have to pick your friends wisely, he thought. He also made a mental note to start talking with Holo in off duty hours. If someone needed a friend, then it was Holo.

Authors Note:

You'll all be wondering why Odo is on the station, and married to Kira and he has two children. This is not fanciful writing. Odo returning to DS9 and restarting his relationship with Kira is covered in my story Devolution (, read the chapters titled Flashback 1 and Flashback 2 to find out how the two came back together.

Next you will be asking how Kira and Odo could have children. This is explained in my Series Bible ( under the chapter called Characters. Look for the section on Julian Bashir and you will find a section called 'How Bashir helped Kira and Odo conceive:'

Read these three chapters and everything will then make sense to you.
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