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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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Great episode tonight! My only nit is that you can't slice somone in half like that with one swing of a sword. Regardless, I really enjoyed this one.

I don't see why not.. it "just" would take a master swordsman and a very high quality sword (both unlikely to find with normal means in New York).

As to the episode.. wow. Nerd gold! Castle going nerd-mental was to be expected and it was glorious but Beckett joining in at times and showing her own nerd? Awesome! It showed a normal side to her, that she's not a cop 24/7 but a real human and i liked that.

And being the biggest Castle shipper out there i loved the last scene of the case when the mirror Kate/Castle couple did the one thing they can't do yet.. kiss with a passion. I loved Castle's reaction and especially Beckett looking after him with that smile.. she's so in love!

I feared that after the season premiere the show would remain in the dark tone for a while but i guess those themes will be reserved for the main plot episodes.

See ya next week!
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