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Re: Should a new Star Trek TV show adapt plot points from Star Trek On


STO's plot is a fanwank menagerie. "Oh noes, teh klingons attacked, but then teh romulans, then teh Remans, then the Breen, then the Devidians then the Borg then Species 8472, then the Iconians, who by the way aren't extinct and are also evil."

The writing of the individual missions didn't much impress me either. It's caught up in what I've come to refer to as the "Trek Mobius", creating a restricted vision of Trek that only uses pre-existing franchise material, and only makes stories that are homages to what the developers feel are the most popular Star Trek stories. The story and setting of STO is a big, regurgitated mess.

Also, one thing that ticked me off in the timeline was Garak making weenie Federation speeches. Sounded more like President Eden than Plain Simple Garak.
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