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Re: Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

Since CBS is doing TNG-R (still unofficially) as a Blu-ray sampler. Would it be possible that the sampler be available as a 3-D Blu-ray?
Any and all Visual FX would be CGI & rendered in stereoscopic 3-D?

There are 10-year old videogames which are being re-released in stereoscopic 3-D & high definition and better framerates as well as Pixar movies such as Toy Story and now Disney's Beauty & the Beast which are being re-rendered in 3-D.

Huge Success of 'The Lion King' 3D Re-Release Has Studios Studying Their Libraries

Since CBS is retelecineing TNG from the original camera negative & redoing all the Visual FX why not do a stereoscopic 3-D conversion of the live-action footage & render all the CGI VFX in 3-D?
Maybe even get people to pay for it in the cinema for a short time for Best of Both Worlds in 3-D & then sell it as a 3-D Blu-ray?

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