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Re: Any news on Cawley's Buck Rogers and Wild Wild West remakes?

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Production assistance sounds like providing prizes to show on the set, items to appear in the production, etc., not up-front capital investment to build sets, hire crew, etc. Please feel free to educate me if you have some references to how this works that I'm unaware of.
No, "Production Assistance" sounds like they provide assistance in the production itself, which is exactly what it usually refers to. I wish I could provide some documentation to back this up. but this is one of those things that the industry doesn't like to share, and tends to be a bit hush-hush about. (I know about it because of a friend who used to work for Tribune Broadcasting, which is one of the nation's leading syndicators)...
I mean, you don't think that most of those syndicated daytime talk shows are on the air because they're all that popular, do you?...
Honestly, while this in interesting, the relative "cheapness" of a show doesn't mean these sponsors are paying the producers to start up the series, which is what was being suggested for Buck Rogers Begins. It may happen, sure, but I'll bet said sponsors are generally backing producers with a proven track-record, not a group of fans who've made knock-offs of a TV show as a labor of love as opposed to a business.
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