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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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And I was at that screening of 1941 last night, too, doubleohfive. I had a great time. Like all comedies, the movie plays much better with a crowd, especially one that anticipates so many of the jokes (though there were clearly some, like my girlfriend, who hadn't seen the movie before). I can't wait to listen to the soundtrack, which I picked up but have yet to listen to, due to school. A great panel, too (it helped that the moderator asked most of the questions, though the few that came from the audience were all good questions, too).
How funny! I wish I'd known you were going, I would have loved to meet you too! I think the biggest surprise for me was also running in to a guy I went to high school with in Virginia who was also in attendance. Crazy, how small this town is.

As for the panel, yeah, Mike is great at those kinds of things -- I was so worried we'd get stuck in another endless cycle of audience members spending ten minutes apiece complimenting the guests before getting to their questions, and thankfully Mike was able to completely avert that scenario. *whew*
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