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Re: Where Was Shatner At The Enterprise Shuttle Rollout?

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. Nimoy is universally liked by TOS cast and even used his clout with the producers to ensure that they all got a decent amount of screen time and salary.

Just curious: Mr. Nimoy mentioned that while making one of ST movies he came across a regular cast member on the way home after a day of work so he said Good Night to that person politely but was totally ignored. The next day he asked that person why he was ignored and the said person lashed out and said "what do you expect!" He was kinda taken aback by that response. Who could that person be? Not Mr. Shatner for sure, but who else could it be?

Mr. Nimoy also acknowledged that he was angry a lot, not at Mr. Shatner, but at the studios and the producers during the making of ST:TOS. I am glad that he found success in playing Spock and later on became a successful director, writer, producer, and photographer. Now he doesn't have to be angry at anyone anymore.

Perhaps, success does help alleviate anger and hatred. Lack of success on the other hand...
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