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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

85. Machete: C-
86. The Queen: A
87. Public Enemies: B+
88. Drive Angry: D
89. Red Riding Hood: C+

Went and had dinner at a friends house, hey she was cooking, and she wanted to watch her latest Netflix movie. I have it way down in my queue so, sure. Now to remove it from the queue.

The movie never rose above standard fare although I think it was trying a time or two. I guess casting was an issue for me and I know that's always a personal preference issue. Amanda Seyfried, while capable just never rises to greatness. First time I saw her on Veronica Mars she was a niche character. I saw Mamma Mia and Chloe and in the later she actually stands out but she's still not a headline marque draw and it shows here in Red Riding Hood imo.

Yes, it has Gary Oldman but he wasn't promoted for a reason. I will not spoil it but if you must know
The two main male leads who are after Valerie's(Seyfriend) affection would've been better served as names of recognition. I've already forgotten the character names let alone the actors.

The story is straight forward enough and in fairness it did have me guessing at who the werewolf was. I give it a C range grade cause they kept me from figuring it out. It's just entertaining enough as a rental to sit and watch while not having to be too focused. Sit and enjoy a meal and minor chit-chat.
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