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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

On the OTHER hand...

Nothing has gotten done in seven months. Everything got pushed back except hotfix-patches and a revamp to the controls. We were promised NEW content for Season Four... missions. Ya know something to DO other than walk around chewing backgrounds.

New zones/reworked zones are nice but there they add nothing storywise.

New ships are nice... but there are no new missions to play.


Everything got pushed back because of Atari wanting to ditch Cryptic.

Now PW has them... and everything is getting pushed back again because of Free To Play.

Something similar happened with the Star Trek Pen and Paper RPGs years ago. LUG put out a fantastic product... then ran into trouble and it all went to pieces.

Big issue I see is they are going F2P without finishing the storyline they started. I don't know if they CAN finish the storyline at this point. Are they counting on the Crowdsource Mission-Generator (Foundry) to be enough to draw new players? Signs point to yes. This disappoints me no end as I am paying them to develop new stories FOR me... not give me the tools to program my own episodes.

So far it has been seven months of band-aids, an occasional piece of candy and broken promises. Release dates for Feature Missions came and went... The plot has NOT advanced in months. All we've gotten is reworked episodes and new costumes.

Part of my "attitude" comes from the promise of new content and features with Season 4.1... only to find out is being pushed back yet again. AGAIN. I re-uped until November... frankly if I don't see some kind of story development between now and then I'm out of here.

I now have three characters at Endgame just started a fourth... I have the existing missions down pat I can recite them in my sleep. Frankly it's nothing more than an exercise in futility at this point.

That's my opinion. Come November I think I'll be taking a nice long break from it all... provided that the game survives the F2P transition.
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