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Re: DS9: A continuation

And here is the last part of chapter one:

Two Years Later:

Stardate: 70466.8
Location: Cardassia Prime, capital city, Cardassian Senate

Few Cardassians ever set foot inside the Cardassian Senate, this was a place where the political elite conglomerated, and the elite deeply distrusted humans and that interfering Federation.

Yet a human was walking down a long and thin corridor, lit up by green lighting which tinged the colour of orange/brown walls. Any human to even set foot on Cardassian soil would have been killed on sight.

However, Timothy Rooter was the exception, he was the head of Section 31, and he had strong connections with president Garak. Rooter had about a dozen or so meetings with Garak, but every meeting was important. Indeed it unofficially determined the diplomatic status between the Federation and the Cardassian States.

Despite all of that, this meeting was different, the stakes were not nearly so high. Nevertheless, should the meeting be successful Rooter would get something he had wanted for a long time.

Arriving at the president's office the Cardassian guards accompanying Rooter stopped. Another guard stood directly outside the office's door and scanned Rooter. The guard nodded once. “All clear,” he replied.

The guard then tapped his communicator. “President the Head of Section 31 Timothy Rooter is here at the designated time for the private meeting.”

“Send him in,” said the voice coming from the communicator.

At once, the guard opened the office door and Rooter casually strolled in. While the guard had left the office, closing the door. Rooter came to a stop a metre away from Garak's desk. Rooter inclined his head. “President,” he said blandly.

“Mr. Rooter.” Garak replied, with a slight nod of his head before sitting back down on his desk chair.

Garak's office was very spacious but spartan, and behind Garak, there was a window that stretched the width of the office. It was a cloudy day and the greyness blended in with the dull colours of the capital city. The Cardassian Senate was the tallest building in the city.

There was silence between the two, though Garak soon broke the silence. “Your arrival is most unexpected Mr. Rooter, so what is it now that you want from me?”

Rooter frowned slightly before responding. “I have a problem which only you can solve; think of it as like a deal.”

“Indeed,” intoned Garak. “But every deal has a price Mr. Rooter, but do go on... you have my full attention.”

Rooter ignored Garak's sarcasm and explained the issues at hand. “The problem is this: Federation and Cardassian relations are frosty, and the whole lot of Federation diplomats can be damned if they think this situation can be improved. However, two things have caught my attention; the Federation is still, vainly, trying to pressure your government to continue to democratize.

“Now you and I both know that to cave in to such a demand would be political suicide, your government would not survive the military backlash. Secondly there is the Tau Primia incident and one of my best agents was captured because of it. I wouldn't be that concerned if a Starfleet ship was lost due to some one-off incident, but we both know what Tau Primia contains...”

It was a concise summary of the problems that had plagued Cardassian and Federation relations for the last 15 years. Garak however looked slightly uneasy. “If you're talking about Gul Bordak-”

However, Rooter interrupted Garak, he had to get this point over to Garak. “If you could authorize for Gul Bordak's arrest, then I could get the leverage needed to... let's just say convince some of the admiral's to launch a joint Federation and Cardassian strike force to shut down that prison camp, and free the poor souls being daily tortured in that hell-hole, while also bringing Gul Bordak to justice.”

Rooter could see Garak digesting the implication of his request.

Garak looked coldly at Rooter. “The Cardassian military is somewhat unhappy with my style of leadership. Arresting Gul Bordak would only provoke a possible coup, he is still a popular former Gul, and he instigated the Arrettia massacre. Because of that he has got too many friends in high-”

Once more Rooter interrupted Garak. “Not if he was a traitor.”

“Traitor?” Garak blandly repeated.

Rooter smiled slightly, time to wrap up the deal he thought. “Its simple really; you get the Obsidian Order to dig up some dirt on Bordak's image, and the seeds of doubt will be sown amongst the guls and legates in the Central Command. It is a win-win situation: the Federation would approve of this newfound cooperation and it will definitely approve of the arrest of Bordak; who is a mass-murderer in their eyes. While at the same time you would have removed one of your biggest threats to your government!”

Rooter could tell Garak was looking for some flaw to his solution.

“So the Federation will ease its calls for a proper Cardassian democracy?” Garak inquired, giving Rooter a piercing stare. “And Bordak is no more?”

“Yes,” answered Rooter smugly.

“Very clever Mr. Rooter,” Garak replied. “What seems to be a perfect plan seems just that. But if this is a set-up you will feel Cardassia's wrath.”
Anger briefly flared across Garak's face. “And the Badlands will fall into Cardassian hands, and perhaps even DS9.”

Rooter knew that Garak was sincere in his threat.

Garak continued and his voice was musing. “But there is something you have not told me. You know that the Tren are in contact with Bordak, are you prepared to risk war with a race that may be more powerful than the Federation?”

Here was a potential problem that Rooter had not considered properly. “I don't think the Tren would react that way,” he said, as stared past Garak. “They're scouting our galaxy yes, but is this the prelude to invasion? Well... that is for the future isn't it?” Rooter hoped that this would ease Garak's concerns about the Tren.

“Indeed,” said Garak. “Very well then I will fulfil my end of the agreement. Is there anything else you wish to discuss?”

“No there isn't,” said Rooter.
He rose from the chair. “I need to get back to my ship.”

“Of course,” said Garak. “It is always a pleasure doing business with you.”

Garak's slightly sarcastic tone indicated otherwise, but Garak seemed reasonably satisfied with the outcome to the meeting. He remained sitting as he called in the Senate guards. “Guards; escort Mr. Rooter out of the Senate and back to his transporter site.”

Rooter gave a brief nod to Garak and then followed the guards out of the office. The meeting went exactly to plan, and this was the first step necessary to freeing one of his most valuable Section 31 agent... If, he thought bitterly, the Cardassians on Tau Primia haven't executed the agent!

Though he would found in a matter of days, when the rescue operation took place...

That's it for the first chapter, I'll post the second one tomorrow.
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