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Re: DS9: A continuation

Here's part 2:

Megan was still observing Bordak when first she heard the sound of a silenced phaser; it made a soft whoosh. Then from her optical visor she saw what looked like a phaser beam hitting one of the prison courtyard's columns. She noticed that Abarzjid and Bordak had crouched down immediately.

She turned around and there she spotted Jack holding a phaser rifle, aiming it at the prison. Briefly she was frozen with shock; she could not believe what she had just witnessed. “What are you doing?” she demanded.

Jack did not reply and Megan rushed towards him, manhandling the rifle off Jack. She disregarded it and whipped out her own phaser. “You tried to kill Bordak, why?” she demanded, though her voice shook a little with shock.

Jack looked at her, his face expressionless. “We need to get out of here before the Cardassians detect us.”

Anger flared up inside Megan, it was such a pathetic answer and it wasn't like Jack to do that... “We're not going anywhere until you answer my questions!” she said sharply. “Whom are you working for?”

Jack did not respond and instead moved closer to her.

“Don't move!” she warned.

Something like fear crept into Jack's face. “In less than two minutes the Cardassians would have worked out where phaser round came from. In another minute Cardassian soldiers will beam down onto our position, so we need to get of out here now!”

Jack said the last couple of words with incredible force, as if ordering Megan to leave.

Megan made a split second judgement; escape was a lot more important than questioning Jack. “Pack up the equipment,” she ordered.

Jack worked at break-neck speed packing away the various devices and gadgets into a container.

Megan was absently-mindedly sorting out her own equipment, but she never turned her gaze away from Jack, after what he did she could never trust him again. After two minutes she and Jack were ready to go.

They both froze when they heard the sound of transport beams close to their location. Megan knew the Cardassians could not see them or physically detect them, but even so...

She signalled to Jack, and he got the message, both Megan and Jack were activating their sight-to-sight transporter devices on their wrists.

Suddenly the Cardassians started shooting randomly into the bushes Megan and Jack were hiding in. Megan dropped down to prone; her hand flew from the transporter device on her wrist to her hip-mounted phaser. Megan had her phaser setting on stun.

The Cardassian guards continued firing, setting the bushes were on fire.

Smoke clogged up Megan's mouth and nose. There was nothing for it; they were going to have to shoot their way out of this situation. She nodded to Jack and they both fired at different guards.

The two Cardassian guards crumpled and fell to the floor. The remaining Cardassian guards concentrated their fire on Jack's position. He was only ten feet away from Megan; but he looked at Megan; and she knew that he was staying here to cover for her.

“Go!” Jack shouted. “I'll hold them off!”

For a brief moment, Megan paused; she realised Jack really did care for her. She cleared her head and activated the sight-to-sight transporter. The last thing she saw, as her body disappeared, was a phaser beam striking Jack. She yelled out his name, but no sound came out of her mouth.


Megan materialised, she held her phaser out expecting to be fired upon at any moment, but there was nobody around. She spotted the Starfleet runabout ten metres to her left. It seemed the Cardassians had not bothered to beam over to the runabout, not yet anyway.

The runabout was close to a series of lakes, enclosed on three sides by massive sandstone mountains and cliffs. Rainforest clung to the edge of the lakes and stretched some distance up the vast slopes. Rainforests were a rare sight on Tau Primia found only in canyons and vast gorges where the low water table was exposed.

Megan removed her camo suite and stuffed it into the case she was carrying. Free of the camo suit she approached the runabout; she was desperately trying to think of some kind of explanation to Ensign Cotore, who was inside the runabout.

Since she was also a Starfleet officer, Megan usually kept secret to everyone else that she worked with Starfleet Intelligence. In between SI missions, she served on-board various starships. For the last six months, she had been stationed on the USS Liberty.

Usually wherever she was assigned to Jack was assigned to the same ship. Her official mission, the cover for the SI mission, was to conduct a geological survey of a sight half of a kilometre from the runabout.

Only the Liberty's captain, Haydra, had knowledge of the SI mission. Megan had never done a SI mission while still serving onboard the starship she had been posted. Moreover that fact did not bode to well with Megan.

Now that her actual mission had gone terribly wrong, she realised that her top priority was to warn the Liberty about the Cardassians. Megan presumed that the Cardassians must have at least one warship, and the Liberty was out there completely unaware of the danger...

She opened the runabout's hatch, after going through it she closed it, trying to make as little noise as possible. In a stealthy manner she walked through the dimly lit storage compartment and entered the cockpit.

Ensign Cotore was at the front operating the controls. She heard Megan and turned around. “Commander?” Cotore inquired, looking startled. “What's going on? Where's Jack?”

Megan sat down, taking a chair next to Cotore. “Cardassians, they've captured Jack,” she said briskly. “We have to get off this planet immediately!”

“Cardassians?” said Cotore, sounding disbelieving. “But how did-”

Cotore then dropped the question she was desperate to ask and followed Megan's order. “Aye sir.”

As Megan sat back in her chair, she contemplated what Jack had recently done. He tried to assassinate Gul Bordak, there was no warning and no reason for doing so. So why did he do it? Despair gripped Megan; she thought she knew Jack. She had once trusted him and loved him.

Now Jack had betrayed that trust. Megan was so troubled she did not even feel the runabout taking off and travelling up into the planet's atmosphere. Megan looked out of the cockpit window and watched the planet growing smaller. It was a big mass of red mixed with orange, with clumps of water and streaks of green vegetation.

Megan was deep in thought when Cotore spoke. “What happened down there?”

It was more than a question, there was something almost accusatory in Cotore's voice.

Megan quickly reverted back into her alert mode. “Jack and I were carrying out the geological survey...” She paused as she tried to construct a story. “But... I sensed that someone was watching me... I turned around and I saw Cardassian soldiers approaching my position.”

Cotore looked shocked. “How did the Cardassians detect you?”

“I'm not sure,” said Megan, pretending to look confused. “I managed to escape, but Jack was captured... I don't know if they killed him afterwards...”

Megan sincerely hoped Jack was not dead, though at the very least Cotore seemed satisfied with Megan's answers. Cotore remained silent throughout the duration of the journey to the Liberty, and this allowed Megan some much needed time to think.


Megan watched as the Liberty filled up the entire view from the cockpit windows. The ship loomed over the runabout, and seeing the ship so close brought back to Megan full force her worries for the Liberty's safety.

If the Cardassians on Tau Primia had even one warship, then the Liberty would be attacked in a matter of minutes. The Liberty was an Intrepid-class starship; the Intrepid class of starships had been decommissioned two years ago due to obsolete weaponry and shielding.

Ultimately the Intrepid class of starships was for deep-space missions, however after Starfleet cut the number of deep-space missions by more than a halve, the Intrepid ships were just not needed any more. However the Liberty had been upgraded and retrofitted with tertiary shielding, adamantium armour, phaser banks and mark eight torpedoes; as per standard starship defences.

The moment the runabout had docked at the Liberty's shuttle bay, Megan dashed out of the runabout and practically ran towards the nearest turbo lift, ignoring the staring of her fellow crew members. Megan felt like time was running twice as fast.

One moment she was on the turbo lift the next she was walking onto the bridge. She addressed the officer at the helm. “Ensign Tabor set a course to Deep Space Nine at once, maximum warp.”

“Why sir?” said Tabor sounding confused.

“Just do it Ensign!” Megan ordered.

“But the captain...” Tabor trailed off, as captain Haydra entered the bridge.

Haydra was a human woman who was small and thin with long red hair which was always, when on duty, tied in a bun. At the first sign of trouble, she was on the Liberty's bridge in a matter of moments.

Haydra strode calmly towards Megan. “Commander what is going on here?” Haydra asked.

“Cardassians sir,” Megan said. “The Cardassians detected us so...”

Haydra sat down in the captain's chair and signalled to Megan to sit down. She shifted in her seat to face her first officer. “You were detected?” she whispered.

Megan nodded; and she could see Haydra quickly considering up her options.

“This changes everything,” said Haydra though more to herself. “Ensign Tabor, carry out the first officer's order...”

Haydra's voice was light but commanding, and Tabor was equally prompt in his response, his hands flew across his console as he moved the Liberty away from Tau Primia.

Haydra turned to face Megan again. “Commander,” she said quietly. “What on earth happened down there...?”

Lieutenant Commander Abrahm, who was directly behind Haydra, interrupted the captain, as he looked at his console. “Captain! There are two Cardassian ships... decloaking!” There was surprise in his voice. “They are directly in front of us!”

“Decloaking?” Haydra asked, though her voice was steady, hiding her surprise. “Hail them!” she ordered.

On the view screen was Gul Bordak, who was standing on his ship's bridge. Bordak was smiling unpleasantly, and his eyes were burning with rage. “Greetings captain, I am Gul Bordak the administrator of the Tau Primia prison camp.”

His voice took on a more menacing tone. “You have trespassed on Cardassian space. Because of this transgression you will now, unfortunately, be destroyed.”

The transmission ended, and Haydra stood up from her chair. She opened her mouth. “Now wait just one moment-”

The whole bridge suddenly shook, as the Cardassian ships bombarded the Liberty with phaser fire and photon torpedoes. Consoles everywhere exploded as EPS conduits blew out. Bulkheads dislodged, one of them collapsing upon Tabor, crushing him.

Megan clung on to her chair for dear life. Suddenly her chair gave way, as a bulkhead came crashing down displacing the chair and herself. She was thrown onto the floor. Suddenly she could not hear any more, as her ears were ringing.

Time seemed to slow as the ship continued to shake and fires burned in the bridge. Darkness was mingled with fires, and when the emergency lightening came on, the red lightening provided further illumination to a scene of complete devastation.

The shaking stopped, and Megan slowly got herself onto her feet. She looked around and dead bodies were all around her, some were burnt, others twisted and bloodied, some of them were still on fire. Shock threatened to paralyse Megan, and then she saw someone moving on the floor.

It was Haydra; there were cuts all over her face and her bun had collapsed. Her long hair dropping to the middle of her back. “Damage report!” Haydra ordered.

“Captain they're all dead!” Was the first thing Megan could say.

Megan stopped panicking, and she pulled herself together; Haydra's calmness was her courage. Megan went over to the closest functional console. ”There's massive damage, to pretty much everyone of the ship's systems! No shields, phaser banks are depleted, the ship's computer is heavily damaged, and the warp core is moderately damaged-containment holding-barely and captain...”

She looked up from the console. “We're being boarded!”

Haydra seemed to go pale, but it was hard to tell under the flashing red lights.

Haydra tapped the console on the captain's chair to address the Liberty's crew. “This is captain Haydra to all crew members. We are being boarded by the Cardassians!”
Still Haydra's voice remained as calm as ever. “Evacuate the ship immediately; open fire on the Cardassians if they try to stop you.”

“Captain,” protested Megan, “we don't stand a...”

Megan stopped talking as eight Cardassians, including Bordak, transported unto the bridge.

Haydra lurched for her phaser beneath her chair; but the Cardassian guards snatched it off her. Haydra simply stood where she was while Megan froze.

“Captain what an unfortunate situation...” said Bordak with chilling sarcasm.

“Unfortunate?” shouted Haydra, anger in every syllable. “You attack my ship, kill my crew, and you say-”

Bordak interrupted Haydra. “If you surrender yourself I will let the survivors escape-unharmed-you have my word.”

“And what do you want from me?” asked Haydra, her anger was ebbing.

“You'll soon find out...” said Bordak, he was almost teasing Haydra. “I also want your first officer to...”

“Megan?” Haydra interrupted.

“Why yes,” replied Bordak heatedly. “After all it was your first officer and her accomplice who were spying on my prison. They then tried to assassinate me.”

Bordak's voice went suddenly harsh. “They will pay the price for their attempt on my life!”

Haydra's composure slipped; she looked shocked and there was pain in her eyes. At that moment, Megan found it impossible to look at Haydra. “Is this true Megan?” Haydra said imploringly, as if hoping it was not true. “Did you really-”

A Cardassian swung his phaser rifle hard into the back of Haydra's head; she fell to the floor unconscious. Megan felt a terrible guilt growing inside her. If she had only realised what Jack was planning to do, then the Liberty would never have been attacked by the Cardassians.

Megan moved closer to Bordak, she then stopped and looked at him imploringly. She was ready to die to protect her crew mates. “Please let the survivors go,” she pleaded. “They're innocent, take me... not them please...”

Bordak was not swayed, he looked triumphant and seemed to savour the despair on Megan's face. He whipped out a communicator. “Troops!” he said, while holding the communicator to his mouth. “Capture all the survivors, those that resist kill them! Let us show them some of our famous Cardassian hospitality...”

Bordak ended the communication with a brief but evil bout of laughter.

Terror struck Megan; this could not be happening... this was not real... “Please!” she screamed.

The last thing Megan saw was a Cardassian guard swinging the butt of his gun to her face...

Blackness followed...
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