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DS9: A continuation

Hi all, I'm new to this site, and I've always gone to Ad Astra for all my fan fic needs. I'm new to story writing, about eight months of experience, and I've published quite a few stories on Ad Astra (see here;

I'm now going to be publishing these stories on Trek BBS, and getting active in this community. I'm publishing my first story, Secrets and Lies, which is set in the Prime Universe, eighteen years after the end of the Dominion war. (see here for an overview;, and for more information see here;

This is a DS9 story, but my interpretation of DS9 (so all the canon books set after the ending of the Dominion war, concerning DS9, FORGET about them, I totally ignore this.)

Secrets and Lies was the first story I ever wrote, and though I have done a re-edit of the entire story, some elements are a little newbish. Anyway here is the first chapter:

Part 1

Season 1: 1st story: Secrets and Lies

Chapter 1

Stardate: 68453.2, 1100 hours
Location: Tau Primia, M-class planet, Badlands

On top of the dusty mesa the wind blew sand everywhere and the sand whipped into Megan Felpes's face as she looked through her optical scanner at the prison. She had brown hair which came to the length of her shoulders, brown eyes, tanned skin and a thin-looking face.

The prison was Cardassian controlled and even from a kilometer away it contrasted greatly with the surrounding landscape. It was a black mass in the middle of a sandstone landscape. There were little pockets of dull green bushes dotted all over the orangey red ground.

A river ran between the mesa and the prison, and on top of the mesa the bushes were a lot thicker. This provided amble cover for Megan and her fellow agent Jack Smith. However they had more than nature to hide themselves. With their camo suits and bio-dampener devices they were practically invisible to the naked eye.

Megan continued looking through the optical scanner, her gaze drifted over the five metre high prison walls and into the major courtyard. Occasionally a Cardassian guard, who was escorting a prisoner, would walk across the courtyard.

However Megan was waiting for Gul Bordak to enter the courtyard; Bordak was the prison's prefect. Megan and Jack worked for Starfleet Intelligence and their job largely consisted of observing and tracking targets. Over the last two days, Megan was mapping out the routine of the Cardassian guards.

Such a task was made far more easier thanks to Jack remotely hacking into the prison's computer database. Jack was huddled over a console screen that was showing the blueprint of the prison and the location of all the people inside. He looked slightly hunched due to his tall and muscular frame. Jack had sharp facial features, blue eyes and short black hair.

Megan did not see the point in spying upon this prison; sometimes the missions SI gave to Megan and Jack made little sense to both of them. However, Megan was glad to have Jack with her as this made the job a lot easier. Megan and Jack had worked together for close to four years in SI.

However they had known each other for over five years. At first they had a friendship and then it became a relationship. Nevertheless both had to keep this relationship a secret, for if SI ever found about the relationship Megan and Jack would never work together again.

Bordak entered the courtyard; but he was not alone he was talking to a humanoid. “Do you see that humanoid walking next to Bordak?” Megan asked quietly.

Jack moved away from the console and came over to Megan. “I see him, that humanoid is a Tren. Aside from occasional sightings of their ships in the Alpha Quadrant, Starfleet doesn't know anything about them. We're not even sure what a member of their species looks like... Well until now.”

Megan looked at the Tren again; she had never seen such a hideous looking humanoid, but this was mainly due to his odd facial structure. “How many Starfleet encounters with the Tren have there been?” she asked.

“Less than eight I think,” answered Jack.

Megan removed her gaze from the optical scanner and looked at Jack. “But that humanoid may have beamed down from a ship and there could be more like him! For we all know there could be a cloaked ship orbiting this planet!”

There was a slight hint of concern in her voice and her posture tensed, though Jack did not seem perturbed by this. “I don't see how they can detect us,” he said calmly. “They would have to walk into us to spot us, so don't worry we're safe here.”

Megan relaxed somewhat, she never liked the unexpected and in Starfleet Intelligence the unexpected could harm you or worse...


Bordak leaned back into his chair after reading the daily report on the status of the prisoners. He was quite tall, thin and his face was very twisted. His face had a certain gaunt and reptilian quality about it, and for a Cardassian his facial ridges were unusually pronounced.

It was hard work for Bordak running this prison. Even the prisoners needed rudimentary provisions, some food, water, and the cold floor of a prison cell to sleep on. Whenever he could, he always tried to find time to torture the prisoners, enemies of Cardassia did not deserve mercy or compassion.

The five Cardassian ships under his command were his most important assets; he used them to attack ships passing through the Badlands. Outsiders thought that many of the disappearances in the Badlands were due to the region's ferocious plasma storms; but Bordak knew better.

It was his ships which were responsible for most of the disappearances. This was how he kept the prison full of prisoners by capturing the crew of these ships. Through this process, Bordak had acquired all sorts of prisoners: humans, Klingons, Ferengi, Bajorans, Starfleet officers, slaves, and even a Bajoran vedek.

On one occasion, Bordak and his men captured a shapeshifter. It was an interesting challenge trying to imprison a shapeshifter. After torture attacking unsuspecting ships was his second favorite activity.

However, Bordak was not looking forward to the afternoon as the Tren captain Abarzjid was visiting the prison. Bordak was certain that Abarzjid wanted to add some extra provisions to the long-standing deal that he had made with Abarzjid.

The Tren supplied Bordak and the men under his command, with all the supplies necessary to run and defend the prison. In return Bordak sometimes had to hand over some of the high value prisoners; something which Bordak was reluctant to do. But Tren weaponry was worth a hundred high value prisoners, so it was a reasonable price to pay.

The door to his office opened; and one of his Glinn's came into the office.

“Sir, captain Abarzjid has arrived. He asks to speak with you immediately.”

Bordak sighed; he hated Abarzjid’s presumptuous manner. “Inform Abarzjid that I will come in five minute's time,” he answered struggling to keep out the irritation in his voice. “Dismissed.”

The Glinn left the office, he seemed to sense his commanding officer's dissatisfaction.

Getting to his feet Bordak slowly made his way out of the office, he was in no rush. Indeed what he really wanted was to sit down, relax, and drink some kanar. He had just spent three hours torturing a prisoner and he was tired from all that work.

Bordak left his office feeling greatly resentful of Abarzjid's contemptuous and arrogant manner towards him. The day when he didn't have to converse with Abarzjid was a very welcome one indeed, however unlikely it seemed...


Bordak entered the outer part of the courtyard, his footfalls echoing off the stony floor which was comprised of black flagstones. It was a sheltered area with severe-looking ceramic columns holding up the four-meter high roof. The inner part of the courtyard had three sides surrounded by the prison buildings, while the outer wall bounded the fourth side.

In the inner part; there was a small fountain in the middle, gushing water via a holographic generator. It was holographic water and it may not have been real, but the sound it made when it fell into the pool was very real.

Abarzjid was waiting at one end of the courtyard, and as Bordak walked closer to the Tren he noticed that Abarzjid looked just as bored as he felt.

“Captain,” he said, trying to sound as polite as possible. “How was the trip from... well wherever it is that you come from?”

“The same Bordak,” Abarzjid replied, he sounded bored out of his mind. “The same monotonous sights that I have seen for the last eight years of my assignment.”

“Of course; how foolish of me,” said Bordak, a faint smile lingering on his face. “But we Cardassians have a thing for manners and decorum.”

“And torture, cruelty and backstabbing,” said Abarzjid quietly.

“Now come on captain,” said Bordak, his voice rife with mock indignation. “Aside from your tasteless remarks, what is your business here?”

Abarzjid scowled at Bordak before replying. “I-that is to say the Tren military-want forty of your prisoners for...” Abarzjid paused, searching for a reason. “Let's say 'medical' purposes for...”

“Why so many prisoners?” interrupted Bordak. “The deal was I captured people, crews and so forth from within the Badlands, and handed them over to you. In exchange my unit received Tren weaponry for our troubles... So what has changed now?”

“Nothing has changed,” Abarzjid hissed, showing his sharp teeth. “The Tren military have benefited from your little rebel shenanigans; we are only extending the terms of your deal-”

All of a sudden, the sound of an explosion muted Abarzjid's voice. Bordak instantly crouched down as he felt a terrific streak of heat run across his back. “Get down and take cover!” he yelled.

Behind his back one of the courtyard's columns had been damaged badly, and where the phaser beam had struck a thin layer of molten metal oozed from the struck part of the column.

When Bordak got to his feet he was pleased to see that Abarzjid looked a little shaken. However his vindictive pleasure rapidly faded when he heard the sizzling noise coming from the column. He had escaped death by millimeters, but where was the shooter?

Bordak looked around; someone had definitely fired a phaser beam, more than likely tracer-less, and that someone could only be outside the prison... Instinctively Bordak knew that he had to get inside immediately. “Someone is firing at the prison!” he told Abarzjid. “Come on, get inside!”

With the initial shock wearing off, rage built up inside Bordak. Who had the audacity to attack his prison and try to kill him? Was this some sort of botched assassination attempt on Starfleet's part?

In any case, the prison sensors would have detected the beam, and the telemetry of the heat signature would give the location of where the beam originated. Moreover, when he captured whoever it was who tried to assassinate him, he would punish them severely...
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