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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Bought a new TV for my bedroom. My area is going through the Digital TV switchover at the moment and the bedroom TV is analogue only, so it was either a new TV with integrated digitial tuner, or a set-top box plus scart lead plus universal remote. I found a reasonable integrated small LED TV at Argos for only 110, which was a net extra cost of only another 50-60 over the total cost of the separates option, so figured it was worth it for the relative simplicity of the solution. The sound is quite tinny and not something I'd put up with in a regularly-used set, but since I only use the bedroom TV once in a blue moon, I can tolerate that in exchange for the low-cost.

It's a shame to get rid of the old TV though; I've had it 20+ years and it still works fine, but there's just no point keeping it now.
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