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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

That's what I mean when I say they could've made "Descent" the Borg movie. In that story, it made sense for the Borg to have a Leader; in this case Lore which gives a triple connection to the cast (Borg/Picard, Hugh/Geordi, Data/Lore) rather than making some new enemy for the movie.

Plus, a better budget and more time would allow for Geordi and Hugh to actually meet again and hammer out some other kinks in the story (Crusher commanding the ship wasn't bad, but it could've been set up better than Picard just handing her the chair).

Again, the problem was that TNG had too perfect a wrap-up in "All Good Things...". They had to make up new stuff for the movies while TOS could bring back old foes not finished off like Khan, or the Klingons (who were still enemies when TOS ended).

Personally, even TOS could've done better with some things: It would've added to TUC if the Klingon General was Kor instead of new guy Chang.
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