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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Not if the heartbeat is sufficiently reduced. Got a guy, in a hurry, adrenalin pumped, not only has loud gunfire going on, but has been in the middle of it, so hearing might be deadened...

As far as ammo goes, how long it last depends on how it is stored. Protected from the elements, it can last for years. But...there's not only the issue of expenditure, but having the right ammo available for the weapons you have.

If a zombie plague went on long enough, requiring long term survival amidst it, probably for awhile, fortress towns would form, with walls, guards and strict control of entry. If they were lucky, they could produce their own ammo, and would probably restrict the type produced, to maximize humbers.
There might be more of a demand for crossbow and arrow production. Reusable and more more resource availability. Like our friend Darryl!
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