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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

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^ Everytime Klaus has a scene, I realize how much I miss Elijah.
Was the actor who played Elijah really that good? All I remember is that he was better looking.

What Klaus needs is better motivation. Just trying to create hybrids "in case" of a war (between vamps and wolves I presume?) isn't much of a motivation, since we've seen no solid evidence that anyone needs to be worrying about such a conflict.

Werewolves have been established as "rare" for starters, so wouldn't such a war be pretty damn short? And this series isn't taking up the notion that a werewolf bite to a human creates another werewolf, so they would be at a serious disadvantage in ramping up their numbers quickly.

Maybe Klaus is just incredibly paranoid about a war that isn't likely to happen. But he isn't being played as paranoid (which might be interesting). I don't know what the frak is going on with the Klaus plotline, or if it's anything beyond the writers just using him to create dramatic conflict for the characters they actually do care about.

OTOH, perhaps Klaus knows something we don't about a looming zombie apocalypse.

PS, I have a feeling that the writers are going to have Stefan finally end up killing an "important" character. Caroline's dad is an obvious suspect, since he's the kind of character the writers have shown an inclination to kill off (parental units beware!) But if the writers really want to prove their gutsiness, they should have him kill a longer-term character. Matt would be the easiest, but also a bit cop-outy due to his unimportance. Jeremy would be going too far. How about Bonnie?
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