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Re: Fringe 4x01 - "Neither Here Nor There" (Discussion, Spoilers)

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Can someone explain to me what was actually happening in that episode and what it might mean for what was done last season?
I think it was supposed to show us how awful everyone's personality is (well, Walter and Olivia's anyway) without Peter's involvement, and what a crucial impact his absence has on the world. Oh, and that jumping between universes now just requires a room with a burst of lights in the floor.

With the exception of the room bit, it pretty much failed to do those things, though. Walter's always been an on-and-off dick, Olivia's always had the personality of a piece of wet cardboard, and the changes that should have occurred with Peter's absence are what's actually absent.
An interesting view. Looking back, the Peter character has always been diminished in the interests of focusing the show on Olivia. Peter is only there because he is in love with Olivia and won't even call Walter Dad. Peter is an idiot, because only Olivia is the only normal human character allowed to actually do anything successfully. All Joshua Jackson has been allowed to do is emote in reacton to John Noble and Anna Torv. That's worked well enough to anchor Walter's peculiarities in some sort of relatable human motivation (i.e., love for his son.) It doesn't work for Olivia, but the terminal Mary Suishness of the character wouldn't permit it too. Peter can't be enough of a character to constitute a partner in a romance, because Olivia has to suck up all the oxygen in the room.
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