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Re: Could you start watching deep space nine from series 3?

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I'd add in the S2 finale "The Jem'hadar", as it does set up the S3 premiere.
TheGodBen suggested that the OP watches a select few from season 1 and then the entire season 2, which I agree with. (In addition the list, maybe the OP could also watch The Forsaken from season 1 because Lwaxana comes back a few times in later seasons and her relationship with Odo builds on The Forsaken.)

Season 2 does have a few clunkers but so does season 3, and it's not bad overall as season 1. I'd list Melora, Second Sight, Sanctuary, Rivals as season 2 episodes that aren't essential in any way and can be skipped (though there are people who like Melora).
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