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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

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Not that hard to pronounce.

Caitian = Kay-Shan

Bucky O'Hare, wow I'd forgotten about that show completely until you mentioned it, gotta go look that up again now.

I haven't seen Thundercats in years but theres a new animated series showing now, might go check that one out.

And no, haven't seen the Great Mouse Detective but I'll check that out somepoint today.
Do you remember Aisha Clan Clan from Outlaw Star? white hair, lovely body and she's crazy at times plus she got naked in some episodes, great anime and i adored her since i was 16.

do you remember when April O'Neil became a catwoman from that mutant goo? pure cuteness.

Do you remember when Catwoman on Batman The animated series where she becomes an ACTUAL catwoman? *Wolf whistle* and naked too.

Do you remember the Puma Sisters from the anime Dominion Tank Police? oh man! when i was a young teen i was into them and loved it when they stripteased, left an impression on me.

Jenny on Bucky O'Hare i believed was modeled after M'ress.
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