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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

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They do have quite an appeal as their repeated appearance in cartoon shows as the female lead or sex appeal character for around 50-60 years proves.

Personally, my first crushes were Tanja from American Tail and Gadget from Rescue Rangers, so I started out as a Mouse Furry
Did you liked that stripper from Great Mouse Detective? she was a cutie, i saw GMD in theaters 25 years ago when i as 5 4 times and i blushed when i saw her.

Say Chemahkuu,

Do you remember Cheetara? the fanboy fave on Thundercats and she was desired by 80's boys like myself. Who can't forget the first episode where she was nude?

Remember Felicia from the Darkstalkers game? semi-naked and wild plus gotta love those big hands of hers.

Remember Jenny from Bucky O'Hare? pink haired cutie who resembles the beloved M'ress and has a sexy voice like hers.

Well M'ress's race is hard to pronounce.
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