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Re: Smallville - 11X01 - Discussion and Review!

Remember when Clark was in love with Lana, but she was with Whitney?

Then they killed Whitney so that Clark could be with Lana?

Then they brought Whitney back anyway? But then they killed him again?

Then they gave up on Lana, and brought in Jason, and made Lana a witch, but then killed Jason anyway so Clark could be with Lana?

Then she breaks up with Clark and marries Lex, but then they decide to kill Lana, but she's not really dead, so that she can be with Clark?

But then she goes crazy and decides that she needs to leave Clark so he can become Superman? But of course he doesn't.

But then she decides to come back anyway, and then she becomes a Superwoman like Clark, which is cool for a while, but then discovers she is poisonous to Clark, so leaves AGAIN?

Yeah, I remember.
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