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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
I think that in spite of her assurances, he worries that his eating zobar mean might be a problem for her, so he prefers an "easy" way.
It seemed more meaningful to me than mere conflict avoidance, though.

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An observation about Kapoor's duties as an eresh...sometimes it seems to me that Cardassian rigidity goes to almost stupid extremes, and this is an example.
Yes, it is. Rules are rules, no matter how ridiculous they can sometimes be.
Here is how Gul Berat would feel:

I'm not sure if my Cardassians would've gone quite as far as yours in that case.

I do think, though, that they were sticklers for engineering procedures. But given that my Cardassians' technology is something I write kind of like Soviet military technology, I know there are tricks some engineers have up their sleeves that they never let their guls see--or if their guls are supportive, things they never let inspectors see. (In fact, I remember in the novel I got Berat from, that was indeed the case! Berat in particular strikes me as someone who would use those kinds of tricks and maybe even get a kick out of it, if the trick got good results for his ship.) I am not sure all of my Cardassians are afraid to be inventive. Some are...they just know when is the right time to hide it.

I imagined him speaking in a neutral tone. Like a teacher explaining things. He didn't want to sound patronising, but he also didn't want to be "friendly," not to give her an impression that he would make it easier for her.
I'm not sure why, but to me he actually sounded harsh.
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