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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

Oh, no! My first comments got eaten! (Speaking of which, that pappadum looks like an enormous tortilla chip!)

Let me try that again...

I was really touched by Tavor's willingness to give up something he loves--perhaps even for life--not to mention essentially "waste" rations for two meals, to avoid offending Amrita's gods.

An observation about Kapoor's duties as an eresh...sometimes it seems to me that Cardassian rigidity goes to almost stupid extremes, and this is an example. My dad had to go through a similar situation when he changed airplanes as a newly-promoted colonel (gul equivalent ). But he was offered the opportunity to take a shortened course for high-ranking officers, recognizing his experience. That said, my dad declined and asked to take the same full-length course young lieutenants (the equivalent of a Navy ensign) took. Then again, flying a big cargo airplane is far from mundane!

Given that situation, I'm actually surprised Amrita didn't snap when she found out what that puzzle really was. It could so easily have come off as one more incident of being patronized and being treated like she was stupid. (I also couldn't read Tavor's tone when he was giving the did you imagine him sounding?)
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