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Re: Where Was Shatner At The Enterprise Shuttle Rollout?

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William Shatner - 79 episodes
Leonard Nimoy - 80 episodes
DeForest Kelley - 76 episodes
Nichelle Nichols - 68 episodes
James Doohan - 65 episodes
Eddie Paskey - 59 episodes
Billy Blackburn - 59 episodes
George Takei - 51 episodes
Frank DaVinci - 44 episodes
Walter Koenig - 36 episodes
Majel Barrett - 34 episodes

[snip] And when they were, it was generally bridge scenes,
It would be interesting to see a similar list, but of non-bridge episode appearances.

Meaning I'm too lazy to put one together, would you mind?

I think it would be interesting to come up with a list of how many minutes in total each character appears in the show.

It probably looks like this:
Mr. Shatner: 79x48 minutes (TOS) 6x90 minutes (ST1-6)+20 minutes (ST7)+22x10 (TAS)
Mr. Nimoy: 80x25-30 minutes+6x30 minutes (ST1-6)+15 (STXI)
Mr. Kelley: 76x15-20 minutes+...
Mr. Doohan: 65x 5?

Poor Mr. Shatner. Spending 12-15 hours everyday on the set trying to memorize and recite lines after lines after lines after lines while doing all sorts of dangerous stunts, getting into fight after fight after fight after fight with very large men, Gorn, crazy green woman ... He must be physically and mentally exhausted.

Then he got blamed after all this work by just about everybody. Too bad.
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