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Re: Does it make me a bad person, if I agree with Brannon Braga?

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Kim really should have gone instead of Kes. I don't know how they would have fit Seven and Kes in together though.
Kes was a feminine, gentle soul. Seven was the opposite.
The stories and interactions that coulda come out of that would have been much more interesting and deep than Harry having the hots for Seven and sometimes embarrassing himself sitcom style.
I think Kes and Seven together might have made it the show more clumbsy and a little redundant by having two characters learning to "grow up". It would have made Seven come off as the "bad sister" while Kes came off as "good" and it might have ruined the intent they had behind Seven while further blanding down Kes.. the "sibling" rivalry between B'Elanna/Seven is more balanced.
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