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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

84. Cold Comfort Farm: D
85. Machete: C-
86. The Queen: A
87. Public Enemies: B+
88. Drive Angry: D

The mostly Ghost Rider-esque ripoff also with Nicholas Cage and Amber Heard as the waitress who has no reason to follow Milton(Cage) on his quest after quitting her job and finding her redneck boyfriend cheating on her, who then beats her up. Great so Milton kicked his ass, Piper(Heard) should've done 50 other things. Her character has no rationale reason to follow him...wait, except at the end we are told Milton chose her. Guess it was a destiny thing.

Bad SFX, cliches out the ass, bad acting but if I had to spout those lines I guess it'd be bad also. Hard to polish a turd. Outside of some decent car chase sequences and kill shots that save the film from total 'F' grade what it really did was make me think Machete was better than I thought.
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