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Re: Where Was Shatner At The Enterprise Shuttle Rollout?

Again, it's beyond silly for the supporting cast to be in a snit over Shatner, especially after all these years.

Let's compare everyone's screen time, shall we?:

William Shatner - 79 episodes
Leonard Nimoy - 80 episodes
DeForest Kelley - 76 episodes
Nichelle Nichols - 68 episodes
James Doohan - 65 episodes
Eddie Paskey - 59 episodes
Billy Blackburn - 59 episodes
George Takei - 51 episodes
Frank DaVinci - 44 episodes
Walter Koenig - 36 episodes
Majel Barrett - 34 episodes

I think the point is made. They were barely there! And when they were, it was generally bridge scenes, which means one or two days, compared to six or seven for Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley.

It should also be noted that Paskey and Blackburn, both of whom were there more than Takei, both still think very highly of Bill Shatner.
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